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                       12 week guide

This is a 12 week guide that will help you and your family go through the Legacy of Faith book together. First, choose a day that you will meet each week. Then read page xix and pages13-16. This will help you make decisions to set yourself up for success as you go through this book.


  • Week 1- Go to page 17 and choose a conversation starter to do with your family. Each week will begin with this activity. Then read page xvii and discuss what a legacy of faith is.

  • Week 2- Choose a different conversation starter on page 17. Read pages 3-6 with your family. Depending on their ages, you may just want to summarize it for them. Next, go to page 11 and create a vision for your book.

  • Week 3- Have someone in the family choose a conversation starter. Read the story of "The "Letter H"" on pages 9-10. Ask if anyone wants to share a similar story of how they messed something up. Help each other find the good that came from it or how God could be seen in it. Read page 73.

  • Week 4- Have a different family member choose a conversation starter. Go to page 54 and create a family mission statement with your family. 

  • Week 5- Choose a conversation starter. Do one or all three of the activities on pages 43,48, and 74. 

  • Week 6- Choose a conversation starter that you have not used yet. Read through "When God Says Yes" on pages 57-58 or summarize it for your family. Then take turns sharing when God said yes to one of your prayers.

  • Week 7- Choose a conversation starter and then read "When God Says No" on page 60-61. Share with each other when you received a "no" to one of your prayers. Discuss how it made you feel about God. 

  • Week 8- Choose a conversation starter. Read "When God is Silent" on pages 63-65. Discuss different things you can do to get through the times when you do not hear from God. This can also be a time to discuss why God may be silent and what it possibly could mean. 

  • Week 9- Choose a different conversation starter. Read page 67-68 and discuss with your family what it means to surrender in prayer with God and how to do this when you don't want to.

  • Week 10- Choose a conversation starter. Read the chapter on Hope on pages 70-71. Talk about what the difference is between having a Godly hope versus a selfish hope. Help family members convert their selfish hopes to Godly ones. 

  • Week 11- Choose a conversation starter and then go to pages 75-79 to share an answer to one of the questions or have your family choose one for you to answer. 

  • Week 12-  Share your favorite week or activity that you did with your family in the last 12 weeks. Then have each family member share one thing they like about their family. Lastly, discuss future family meetings and how to incorporate recording in your legacy book each week. Lastly, have a dance party with your family celebrating the small beginnings of leaving a written legacy. 


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