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  Jennifer M. Morgan

I am a wife of 21 years to Bobby, a mom of an adult son, Jordan, and a teenage daughter, Siara. I enjoy bike riding where there are no hills, hiking where there are no snakes, and camping where there are clean bathrooms and running water. I also like to read and play board games. My writing inspiration began when our son was 5. We were on a plane ride to the East Coast to visit family. As soon as we ascended into the clouds, he innocently asked, "are we in heaven?" After responding to his sweet question, I sat and thought of how the innocence of a child can reveal so much of how God wants us to come to Him. We come as little children, not as scholars, or as mature adults that have it all together, but as innocent children believing in the impossible. I wanted to write about his experience, so I took out my notebook and began to write. That was 22 years ago. Since then, I have written a few blogs here and there, and have done some ghostwriting and marriage relationship blogs for a friend. I am also currently working on a few more books, including a historical fiction. Please share your contact information with me and I can keep you updated as they release.

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